Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Red, White, Green, Yellow and Blue

So it has been a busy evening. Being June 2006, the world cup is on. Not that I am a great football fan, but as an expat overseas, the world cup is a chance to feel proud of ones nation. As an Englishman, living in Holland, with South African parents, having Swedish in-laws, having an American step-family, I have plenty of teams to support should England get knocked out. Some may call that being fickle, but it makes for a good summer.

Anyway, tonight is Brazil vs. Croatia. Brazil with the Green and Yellow, Croatia in Red and White checks (which look pink on my TV), I look in my fridge for inspiration for a really quick meal before the game. It is 8.53pm, the game starts in 7 minutes.

So for Red and White (that makes pink) I pick a bottle of Lindemans Cawarra Rose (2005) and a pack of precooked shrimp (300 gray) and a tomato. For the green, all the green I could fine, some coriander leave, basil, rucola. For the yellow lemon. Other ingredients are a couple of chunks of garlic, fresh black pepper, sea salt, sesame oil (I have run out of olive), sea salt, and a dried red chili.

I roughly chopped the coriander leaves, garlic, and the tomato. Mix the chopped stuff in a pestle and mortar with a splash of oil and a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper. In a bowl mix the herb mixture with the shrimp and barbecue on skewers.

For the plate I just mixed some Rucola(or Rocket) with some fresh basil leaves and put them on a plate. As a dressing I just pored the remaining herb mix over the leaves. The grilled shrimp were then just plonked on top with a slice of lemon.

9.46pm, the meal was yummy, and the score is 0 - 1 to Brazil. Yum


Blogger The Chef said...

OK, so first the wine (Lindemans Cawarra Rose)
It is not special, but it is very smooth and easy to drink. It tastes like a white. The taste improves as it gets warmer, so don't over chill it. I will buy it again

On to the food. Tonight I ate with my hands (trying to save on dish washing). It was a great party/nibble food, the herbs and garlic spread on the salad created a nice sharpness, whilst the Basil and Rucola complmented eachother really well. The zing from the raw garlic in the dressing was great Try it...

Changes I would make, a touch of sea salt on the grilled shrimp, and make sure the shrimp are not to hot (or they will wilt the salad)

June 13, 2006 10:34 pm  

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