Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fontaine Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2002

Give this wine 30 minutes to breathe, and it’s worth the wait. I was recommended this by the ever helpful owner at Ton Overmars. I am a fan of both South African and Australian reds. For the price (6.95 euro) it holds up pretty well.

The blurb on their website boasts of “Red berry fruit aromas”, I must say I can't taste or smell the berries, just a traditional grape. The wine smells like a classic French Cabernet, which apparently makes up the bulk of the wine, and there is a distinct peppery-ness of the Shiraz in there. But it is a soft easy wine, which I guess is due to the addition of the Merlot.

I like it, and I will buy it again. I think it would be best served with a strong red meat, perhaps a peppered steak, venison or lamb.

I can still taste the last swig in my mouth from 5 minutes ago…That’s a good thing.


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