Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Steak and chips

A classic combo, but you know what, it is just too greasy. Today the temperature dropped from 30 degrees C to just about 15. Yesterday was a hot fish and Rosé day, today is a cold and rainy, red meat and Shiraz day. So I have opted for a Rib Eye steak, which remains my favorite cut of beef. Simply griddled (I am still undecided whether I prefer stripes of checks, you choose), with some starch. Wanting something more than boiled potatoes, I chose to make some Sweet potato crisps. They turned out well, but with the marbled fattiness of the Rib Eye, a steamed or boiled potato would have been enough.

The crisps which were not too crispy were the best. To accompany it I had a salad of Lambs lettuce and grated beetroot (store bought “in a bag” salad), this would have been better with something sharper to dissolve the fat, something like watercress.

In an attempt to add color to the plate (which turnedout to be unnecessary, due to my overly garish plates), I decided to griddle some long sweet red peppers. They really weren’t needed, and could have done with a stronger flavor. I think one or two of Jamie Oliver’s spicey Suriname peppers would be perfect.

Accompanied by the wine, it was a good meal, but a little too greasy. Time to buy some more good olive oil and sea salt.


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